I’m Holly

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Hey everyone. I’m the adventurer behind “Little One Explores”! For the past 9 years, I have been a slow travel nomad, working seasonal tourism jobs to fund my travels. I have lived in four different countries: the UK, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. I have wandered through 49 states of America, and I believe I am on country number 18. My travels inspired me to create this blog to help others take the plunge and experience the magic of solo travel.

I share budget-friendly guides, hostel recommendations, working holiday info, travel tips, and more.

Welcome to the Explorer Club!

Behind the blog

How it all started

The travel bug bit me early. At 10, I dreamt of being a cruise ship hairdresser, seeing the world from the open deck. Fast forward to my twenties, and life took a different route. No hairdressing scissors or cruise ships, but still a decade of adventure. Heartbreak at 20 pushed me to book my first trip. I waited until 21 and then did 48 states in 80 days with Trek America. This was the spark I needed to continue. I then booked a one way ticket to New Zealand and just kept moving. Little One Explores began as a diary of my New Zealand travels, but today it’s a resource to empower others to take the leap and discover the magic of solo adventures.

Forget baby steps – my mission is to catapult you OUT of your comfort zone and STRAIGHT onto that plane.

Get in Touch

Hello Fellow Explorer! My inbox is always open if you have questions or just want to connect.

Get to know me: Quick Fire Questions

New Zealand. It was my first home away from home and Queenstown has a special place in my heart.

Malibu and coke. It is like a holiday in a glass!

I do love both, But I would rather be on a hike because I know there is an epic view waiting for me at the top.

Unfortunately not. I did GCSE French but I can not remember much and I have been trying to learn Spanish for years.

I am an Aries.

Where do you want to explore Next?