Have you ever been stuck with what to buy a friend who loves to travel? Do you want to get them something that they can take away with them or remind them of past adventures? I have collected a handful of thoughtful gift ideas for travellers. With a variety of items, there will be something for every budget type. In fact I own all these items (except for the straw which I am purchasing now!) and highly recommend them for travellers!

No time like the present let’s dive on into this list (pun intended!):

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, if you decide to press on them and make a valid purchase I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you and for that, thank you!


The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom is light, virtually indestructible and waterproof! In addition to that It has a 10 hour life span and a loop to hang on your rucksack or bicycle. This speaker takes up very little room and is ideal for chilling on the beach or sitting around the hostel benches chatting, drinking and soaking in all those musical good vibes.

Wonderboom speaker in a garden with a gift bag next to it saying "its all about you" and a Buddha in the bacground


I have two bottle recommendations.

1, The Bemaxx Active flask, this bottle comes in a range of sizes but I recommend getting the 950ml. With a double layered vacuumed insulation, it keeps water cold for 24 hours and 12 hours warm. However I have only used the bottle with cold water. In Greece this was a blessing, as the heat reached 40 degrees I was able to still have ice cold water. Although I will point out that the bottle is heavier than most.

2. The CrazyCap bottle was unlike any bottle I had ever come across. With UV-C water purification technology you can drink from any tap, stream or river in the world. Crazy right!? I put this to the test and drank water from a Kenyan outdoor tap, the Doha airport bathrooms and a Mykonos camping kitchen and had no side effects. In other words this bottle is a game changer for the adventuring community.

Author of the blog sat on fence with lake behind in Kenya with waterbottle in hand.


My El Camino Bracelet has been around my wrist since 2015 and very rarely gets taken off. With it’s high strength cord and surgical grade stainless steel, I wear it in the shower, the ocean, the jungle, everywhere! Each bracelet is unique because its created by you, it is a representation of the path you/they’ve travelled around the world. For example the steel beads are countries you have visited, the colourful ones are continents you’ve explored. They also include oceans you have swam in, cities, animals you have encountered and customized achievements to. To break up these expeditions they have coconut or wooden spacers.

Author of the blog pointing to a globe of the world. El Camino Bracelet on.


Packable cubes are one of my essential backpacker items! I recommend this product to everyone. The way I like to explain them is the cubes are the draws and the backpack/suitcase is the wardrobe. Having sections for different items helps keep you organised and increases space. I usually take 4 with me; 1. tops and jumpers, 2. trousers and dresses, 3. Underwear and bikini’s, 4. Medical.

packable cubes laid out with toiletry bag and handbag to show formation it will go into the backpack.


Having one of these maps in your house, is a great way to track your movements and bring all the memories flooding back.

Scratch – To explain, this map comes with a thinly layered scratchable foil, when you scratch away at the country you are left with a colourful piece of map. This creates a unique and personalized piece showcasing your adventures.

Pin – These maps are customizable and help you reflect on your past travels and inspire you for future exploring. These colourful canvas’s create meaningful wall art that help tell your travel stories.

These maps are great gift ideas for all types of travellers.

Pin Map on canvas on a table getting pins put in.


This is the most ideal gift, if you know someone who is about to explore Asian Culture. A lot of the temples ask you to wear a sarong to cover yourself, as a sign of respect. Having one in your bag will save you the hassle of having to hire one in each place. They are also multipurpose and can be used as a beach towel, a picnic blanket, a bag (will need some ties), a sling and a privacy screen.


Whenever I travel I like to carry a foldable bag or two. These come in all different shapes and sizes. They usually fold up to a small size making them lightweight and easy to pack. They are great as laundry and shopping bags. I also have one from Hawaii that folds out into a duffle bag, for the smaller trips within the bigger trips! TKMAXX is a great place to find these.

3 foldable bags 1. salt rock logo 2. map of the world 3. flower pattern


Simple but also the most loved. You can never have to many notepads! Whether it is for jotting down your adventures like a diary or creating a 12 page plan of all the places to visit, there will always be a use for a pad and pen.

a stack of notebooks on a dresser table Handcreams in the background and a gonk sitting on top of a money bank.


Before purchasing a power bank do some research. It is important to look at banks that power 15,000mAh and above. For example a Samsung S21 Ultra has a 5,000 mAh meaning I could charge my device 3 times with a 15,000mAh bank. A iPhone 13 pro max is 4352 mAh so you will get 3 and a bit charges. I am currently using the Bextoo power bank with 30,000 mAh.


For safety reasons, I highly recommend a fanny/bum bag with pockets. There are so many styles to choose from and come in a range of shapes and sizes, there is a bag to suit everyone.


As a daughter of a Royal Marine, I had this item forced upon me when I decided I wanted to travel. And while at first I thought it was pointless, it actually came in very handy. The mini scissors, the knife and bottle opener are the 3 main features I use.


I know we all have torches on our phones but a head torch is an incredibly useful tool for wild camping. It frees up your hands to make meals, pitch the tent and create a fire. When night walking you dont have to decide whether you want to see the ground or what’s in front of you as your eyeline will lead the way.


Having a game to bring to the hostel kitchen table is a sure way to make friends. Although a pack of cards is great I also love the pocket sized games; Uno, Backpacker and Spot it (Dobble). If you are buying for a social friend this is a fun and easily packable item. I wanted to include a game into my gift ideas as it caters for all travellers not just hostel goers but family and couple travel too.

3 different travel games in blog Authors hand. Uno, Dobble (spot it) and backpacker


Staying in a hostel can be noisy and bright, with people coming in and out of the room. Purchasing a soft eye mask and earplugs is a cheap and simple gift for travellers that is going to be so valuable in the long run.


If your travel buddy loves the ocean then this is a perfect gift for them. The case floats and comes with a neck tie to stop it from drifting away. The phone stays dry and you can capture all your memories whilst exploring the seas.


Not only does this item help save the planet but it is also good for hygiene reasons.


Back in the day this was for the old ladies but now sunglass chains have become fashionable. With different beaded designs, colourful cord, or sterling silver chains there is a look for everyone. They are extremely helpful if your glasses have the nose buds that can get stuck in your hair and help you to avoid loosing them.

And that is a wrap! (pun was a happy coincidence), I hope you found inspiration from these gift ideas for travellers. The list will continue to grow as I discover new and helpful gift ideas along my travel journey. Is there anything you would add to this list that has helped you on your adventures?

Happy Exploring!


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