author of the blog in Australia. Rocks and woodland are the background with blue sky and trees.

Hello! I’m Holly the writer behind the blog.

– Solo Traveller, Foodie and Sun Worshipper

My Story

I have always loved adventures and travelling. Since I was a kid its always been my ambition to see the world. My dream back then was to be a hairdresser working on the cruise ships, now its to become a full time creator and writer. 

I started exploring solo back in 2015 when my routine was a little dull and I needed something more. I chose to do a group tour of the USA because I didn’t know the first thing about planning, I was scared and I wanted to guarantee making friends. On that trip I saw 48 states in 80 days (which was NOT long enough) and my spark was ignited. 

After coming back from that trip I made the biggest mistake you can make. I went back to the same job, to the same bedroom, to the same life even though I was different. Forward on to 2017, I got my heart shattered into little tiny pieces which created a fire in my belly to run away from the small town I lived in and discover the world. I put on a backpack, brought a one way ticket and 3 nights hostel accommodation and moved to New Zealand. That was the best decision I ever made! And I haven’t stopped since! 

The Goal

My mission is to help people create confidence to adventure outside their comfort zone. I want to show more people how to discover the world solo without relying on others to join them.

So I encourage you to grab a beverage and a notepad, cosy on down and start exploring my guides and backpacking tips.

Get to know me

Here are a couple of facts about myself I would like to share with you:

  • I think Mushrooms are the spawn of Satan
  • I have travelled 49 States of America (Alaska is left)
  • I feel so awkward in front of the camera I feel rigid as a board!
  • My dream is to travel the world for a living
  • I am a last minute Lucy, I always wait until the night before to do anything
  • I am an Aries which explains everything
  • My favourite place that I won’t stop talking about is Queenstown New Zealand

Happy Exploring and it is great to have you here!