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The West Coast of Australia is still very much a hidden gem. While travellers all over the world make time to visit the popular East Coast, only a few fly over to Perth and discover what truly makes Australia. This Perth to Exmouth road trip is a bucket list adventure that needs to be ticked. 

What makes the West Coast truly special is the ever rolling landscapes. You can be surrounded by green foliage one minute, then a red desert the next. 

Between Perth and Exmouth you will be treated to national parks, coral reefs, white sandy beaches, amazing scenery, charismatic towns and wildlife all around. 

We only had 8 days to complete this round trip, which was a lot of driving but totally worth it! If you are organised (which we weren’t) you will be able to maximize your time and get longer at each destination. 

​That being said, I have jam packed all the information you need for this Ultimate WA Road trip!

We decided to embark on this epic adventure with a Travellers Autobarn van. Travellers Autobarn is a leading company when it comes to campervan hire in Australia.They has been serving backpackers’ needs since 1993 and is reliable and trusted within the community. 

How to spend 8 days on a Perth to Exmouth Road Trip

Monkey Mia beach with Dolphins

This backpacker guide will help you discover hidden gems along the coast, unmissable activities, incredible viewpoints, where to stay, how to find free campsites and so much more. 

This itinerary is a round trip starting and landing back in Perth. However, if you have more time, I would recommend doing the same itinerary but at a slower, more relaxed pace. 

As we had a whale shark tour in Exmouth booked 2 days after picking up the chubby camper, we decided to do the long drive at the beginning of the trip rather than the end.This allowed us to then leisurely make our way back down.

Road Trip Breakdown 

  • Day 1 – Perth to Cevantes / Jurien Bay 
  • Day 2 – Cervantes / Jurien Bay to Exmouth 
  • Day 3 – All day in Exmouth
  • Day 4 – Exmouth to Cape Range to Yannarie 
  • Day 5 – Yannarie to Shark Bay
  • Day 6 – Shark Bay  to Monkey Mia to Kalbarri 
  • Day 7 – Kalbarri to Dongara
  • Day 8 – Dongara to Perth

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, if you decide to press on them and make a valid purchase I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you and for that, thank you!

Can we skip to the good part? show

The drive from Perth to Exmouth

Travellers Autobarn Van in The Pinnacles

The distance between Perth and Exmouth is 1240km (771 miles) and a drive time of 13 hours. 

The roads are really easy to drive along, with hardly any junctions and a relatively straight drive all the way up. The speed limit is consistent, staying at 110km (70mph). 


Although it isn’t nice to talk about, we need to address the dead wildlife. 

No one wants to kill a kangaroo, but remember your life matters to.  And therefore, making silly maneuvers at high speeds to avoid them could cause fatalities and not to the kangaroo. Plus, they do not have insurance! 

If you see a kangaroo and have time to take your foot off the gas, then do so. However, if they have hopped out of nowhere please do not harshly break and swerve as this causes accidents. 

Kangaroos have a death wish around dawn and dusk, so be extra vigilant during those times. I nearly had an accident with one and I do not recommend it. 

Luckily, I saw the first one and slowed right down because I had a feeling it would have a buddy. The second kangaroo then appeared out of nowhere in front of the van. I swerved, then remembered I shouldn’t and swerved back. As I was at a reduced speed, there were no furry casualties and we were safe too. 

A good tip is to stay central on the road at night time more so than in the day, as you have more opportunity to spot the wildlife if it is coming towards you.

2 Kangaroos on the Loop trail in Kalbarri National Parrk

Petrol Stations

The West coast is a lot more spread out than the East, so keep that in mind when planning your trip. The last thing you want is to be stranded in the heat of the desert, with no petrol and no service (think The Inbetweeners 2 movie).

Before we started each leg of the journey, we would map out where the next station would be. We used a mixture of Google maps and the fuelwatch website to find the cheapest petrol on our route. 

IMPORTANT TIP: On the NW Coastal Highway there is a patrol station called Billabong Roadhouse, which is a great stop but right next to it is BP, which is 4c (2p) more expensive! If you are driving up from Perth you will see BP first, make sure you go 10 more seconds up the road to avoid being ripped off. 

National Parks 

Each National park has an entrance fee but WA gov does have passes which, if you are planning lots of parks, might be worth purchasing. When we spoke to the gate lady at the Pinnacles, she said if you save and have your receipts from each park you can get them taken off the price of a pass.

Kalbarri National Park Loop Trail

Where to stay on a Perth to Exmouth Road Trip?

To keep costs low, we tried to stay in as many cheap or free campsites as possible. 

To find the best sleeping spots we used a mixture of: 

Campermate – This is a free app for campgrounds all over Australia and New Zealand. You can select to see all campsites or filter them to only see free ones. You can also use the app to find camps with toilet facilities, picnic benches, dump disposal etc. 

Wikicamps – This free app is for campgrounds in Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada and the UK. Similar to campermate, you can filter your needs and see reviews and photos from previous users. 

Google – We also googled free campsites in the area and came across websites like Anycamp which had a list of camps near the area you wanted to stop in and a list of their facilities. 

Budget for a Perth to Exmouth and back roadtrip

As budget backpackers, the goal is to keep the costs low. When you are travelling with a buddy your costs are essentially divided. 

To split our bills, we used an app called Tricount. We both input the amounts we spent and the app adds/subtracts it from the other ones owed. 

The main price factors for this roadtrip are: 

The Travellers Autobarn van 

The Petrol (we spent $691.86, so $345.93 each) (£370. £185)

Food Shopping (we spent $146 so $73) (£78, £39)

Campsites (we spent $190 so $9.50 each) (£101, £5)

National Parks (we spent $60,so $30 each) (£32, £16)

Activities you want to do

Not including the van and activities, we spent $1,087.86, which was $543.93 each (£583, £291).

Day 1 Perth to Exmouth Road Trip

  • Pick up Travellers Autobarn campervan 
  • Food shop 
  • Drive to a free campsite in Cervantes / Jurien Bay

Travellers Autobarn Campervan hire Perth

Travellers Autobarn van outside their perth office

Travellers Autobarn campervan hire Perth office is located outside of the City Centre at 31 Wildon St, Bellevue WA 6056, Australia.

If you are getting public transport from the city, you will need to take the Midand train line and get off at Midland station. Then get the 277 or 322 bus and get off at Military Road before Wells Street or Clayton Road after Military Road and walk 3 minutes to the office. 

We went for the Travellers Autobarn Chubby Camper, which is an automatic petrol Toyota Hiace camper that seats and sleeps 2 people comfortably. The double bed can be folded down and made into a table and chairs, which is perfect if you arrive at a campsite late. 

When you open the boot, you are greeted with a kitchenette that has all your pots and pans for cooking. 

A full tank of petrol will give you around 400km according to our Autobarn agent. 

There is also a reversing camera in the middle mirror which is pretty handy. 

Reversing camera in the main mirror

Chubby Campervan Specs: 

Veichle Features 

Seating: 2

Air Conditioning Front Cabin

2*USB Chargers

LED Internal Lights


Portable gas cooker

Cigarette lighter / Charger

CD player & MP3 plug-in

25L Tropical Ice Box

Fire extinguisher

Living Equipment included

Sleeping bags



Kitchen cutlery

Kitchen pots & pans

Tea towels

Cleaning equipment


Our van did not come with a chopping board, which was a bit odd, but I assume they usually do.

TOP TIP: With the gas canister and stove, make sure the red arrow lines up with the red marker on the stove. If you don’t line it up, the gas will not ignite.

gas canister in gas stove

The van has 2 layouts: 

Day and night layout of the chubby camper

When picking up the van, a Travellers Autobarn agent will talk you through the additional costs if you haven’t already selected them online prior. 

Some extra costs to be aware of are: 

If you have an additional driver, the cost is $3 per day.

And if you would like camp chairs, then it will be an additional $15. 

Before disembarking on your adventure you will need Travellers Autobarn Protection.

I recommend Travellers Autobarn Protection Plus. This is an additional fee of $30 per day. This Protection Plus package includes cover for single vehicle roll-overs and write-offs (something many other rental companies don’t cover).

Before being given the keys, you will be shown the vehicle in detail and told about the processes you need to take if you are on the road for a long period. 

We had a nice guy called Dale who answered our questions and showed us our van. He then proceeded to take photos of the vehicle and send them to my email address, as well as log them into their database for inspection on the return.

Useful Travellers Autobarn links

Travellers Autobarn are now in 4 locations; Australia, New Zealand, USA and Japan. If you are planning a trip to one or more of these destinations be sure to check out there designated websites.

  • Campervan hire in Australia click here.
  • Campervan hire in New Zealand click here.
  • Campervan rental USA click here.
  • Campervan rental Japan click here.

Food Shop and meal plan

6 minutes down the road from the Travellers Autobarn office is a Woolworths supermarket.

I suggest stopping there and stocking up on your roadtrip essentials. The chubby camper comes with a 25L icebox, so to avoid relying too heavily on getting ice, we opted for vegetarian meals. 

Our meal plan was: 

Breakfasts – 

Porridge / Eggs on Toast

Lunches – 

Peanut butter or Crisp sandwiches / fruit / timtams / cereal bars 

Dinners – 

Pesto Gnocchi / Rogan curry / Wraps / Ravioli / Stirfry

We also picked up a 10L carton of water and a bag of ice. 

Guy eating peanur butter. Food spread overr table inside a campervan

Driving to Cervantes / Jurien Bay 

Depending on how late you pick up the van and go to the food shop will determine your first destination. 

The Travellers Autobarn chubby camper comes with a full tank of petrol, so it is easy to get on the road straight away. 

The distance from Perth to Cervantes is 2 hours and 22 minutes. If you want to go further on your first day to avoid a longer day driving on day 2, then try and land in Geraldton, which is 4 hours and 16 minutes from Perth. 

Where to Stay in Cervantes / Jurien Bay / Geraldton

I recommend a free campsite called Tuarts Reserve. This camp site has no facilities, so be prepared to bush wee. The campsite does say for fully self-contained vehicles, so there is no tent or car camping. You are allowed to park there for free for 72 hours. 

No booking is required for this campground.

There are many free campsites around Geraldton, this website gives 7 examples, click here.

man exploring the Tuarts reserve campsite

What to do in Jurien Bay

If you have time, there are plenty of fun things to do in the area of Jurien Bay. 

Swim with Sea Lions 

Getting to swim with the puppies of the sea is a bucket list item! The Australian sea lion is one of the rarest of their species with only 8,000 to 10,000 still alive today. 

There are a couple of tour operators that run this excursion for $145 for 3 hours. Click here to see the backpacker deal. With summer departures 7.00am – 9am and 7.30am – 9.30am. There is also rental Go Pros available for $50 hire. 

Australian Sea Lion

Jurien Bay Marine Park 

Jurien Bay is the perfect place to swim, snorkel, kayak and dive. A long limestone reef runs parallel to the shore and is the breeding ground for the Australian Sea Lion. 

Jurien Bay Foreshore

Grab a coffee at one of the nearby cafes and wander along the Jurien bay jetty. The turquoise water and white sandy beach is the perfect way to spend a few hours. 

Day 2 – Perth to Exmouth Road trip 

  • Drive all the way to Exmouth

The drive to Exmouth

This will probably be your least favourite day of the trip. The reason we decided to bomb it up to Exmouth instead of seeing everything on the way up is because we wanted to enjoy our time on the way down and not leave the worst part until last. 

The drive from Cervantes / Jurien Bay to Exmouth is 11 hours. If you manage to get to Geraldton on the first day, then you will have a journey time of 8 hours and 30 minutes. 

I recommend leaving the campsite around 6.30am/7am depending on sunrise, to maximise your time on the road. Unfortunately, we had to drive in the dark, which I do not recommend you do for longer than an hour. 

As previously mentioned, the kangaroos are most active at dawn and dusk, so be extra vigilant during those times. 

You will need to refuel 2 or 3 times today, so make sure you have mapped out the cheapest petrol stations along the way. 

We re-fuelled at Geraldton, BIllabong Roadhouse, which is in between Gerladton and Canarvon and Canarvon. 

REMEMBER Billabong Roadhouse is right next to a BP. Do not get confused and spend more money than you need because Billabong is 30 seconds further up the road. 

We swapped drivers every 2 / 3 hours to avoid fatigue and I think it worked really well. 

2 podcasts we listened to along the way were My Favourite Murder (my choice) and No such thing as a fish (Lewis’s choice). 

Back of campervan having a snack in kitchenette

Where to stay in Exmouth 

We stayed at the RAC campsite in Exmouth. And although pricey, it is a worthy spot. 

The powered site cost us $130 for 2 nights (£69.65). But if we became RAC members for $29 a year (£16) we would pay $117 (£63).

RAC is in 9 locations across the West Coast, making membership worth the money if you didn’t fancy the free basic facility campsites. 

The RAC in Exmouth is located 1km out of the city and is on the pick-up list for most Exmouth excursions. 

Even though the campsite is huge, there are enough facilities to make it not crowded. They also have a pool area which is a great place to relax in. 

Before leaving RAC make sure you top up your 10L water carton. 

RAC Exmouth camp pool area

DAY 3 Perth to Exmouth Roadtrip

Exmouth Dive and Whale Sharks Ningaloo

man and woman snorkelling thumbs up and peace sign to camera

One of the most popular things to do in Exmouth is swim with whale sharks. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that should not be missed. 

There are loads of tour operators all with similar experiences, but I highly recommend the Exmouth Dive and Whale Shark Ningaloo company. These guys were amazing from start to finish. 

We had 7 swims throughout the day, 2 snorkeling on a reef, 1 with a manta ray and 4 with the whale sharks. 

The crew are informative, helpful and tell you how to get the best experience from each encounter. 

Emma, one of the snorkelling spotters, was unbelievable. I have pure gratitude for her! She went above and beyond to make my experience. 

I am not a strong swimmer and have had a bad experience with snorkeling which has given me anxiety, so I was super apprehensive about the whole experience. But Emma made sure I was able to see the whale shark and swim alongside it. 

Breakfast and lunch is provided along with a celebratory beverage when you have finished your snorkel. 

We were also lucky enough to see dolphins, donongs, a turtle and a pelican! Nick the skipper gave us a good amount of time admiring all the animals before sailing us all home. 

The snorkelling trip is not cheap, the price is $475 (£255) which includes photos/videos. But you will need to provide a usb stick for them or you can purchase a whale shark one for $25 (£13).

I do appreciate it when photos are included, because you can be more in the moment.

Book swimming with whale sharks here 🐋

girl snorkelling next to a whale shark

Day 4 Perth to Exmouth Road Trip

  • Pick up Whale shark photos, bakery, food shop
  • Cape Range – Oyster Shack, Turquoise bay and Yardie Creek 
  • Drive to Yannarie 

A 3 minute drive from the RAC campsite is the Exmouth dive and whale shark Ningaloo office. This is where you will be able to pick up your photo and video package. Next door is a nice little bakery where you can get pies, cinnamon rolls, sandwiches etc. 

There is also an IGA supermarket opposite where you can pick up more ice and supplies for the coming days. 

Cape Range National Park 

A 40 minute drive outside of Exmouth is Cape Range National Park. This is a must-visit location. 

Cape Range has everything you want from a National park, with beautiful scenic walking trails, snorkeling, swimming spots and wildlife all around. It’s hard not to fall for its charm. 

The entrance fee for this park is $15 (£8) per vehicle and you can camp there too, but this needs to be booked in advance. 

You can quite easily spend a few days here exploring all the park has to offer. The 3 main spots I recommend focusing on if you are short on time are: 

  • Turquoise Bay
  • Oyster Shack 
  • Yardie Creek 

Turquoise Bay

The first spot you will come to in the park is Turquoise Bay. According to the Explore Parks WA page, this is one of the best beaches in WA. The beach is great for snorkelling and swimming. There are two entrances from the north and south sides, giving you two different snorkel loop experiences. 

As it is one of the first stops in Cape Range National Park, the car park can get overly busy, so we decided to make this our last stop of the day to avoid the crowds of people. 

Turquoise bay white sand beach

Oyster Shack

6 minutes down the road from Turquoise Bay is one of my favourite spots, Oyster Shack. The Ningaloo reef is only 300m off the coastline, making it an easy spot to explore. Within 30 seconds of being in the water, you are greeted by tropical fish, sea cucumbers and coral. 

This spot is more for snorkeling than relaxing, as there is no beach, only rocks. If you are lucky, you may get to see reef sharks, rays and turtles. 

The national park asks you to only snorkel during high tide with the minimum being 1.2m over the reef. There are boards next to the carpark that indicate tide times and water level. 

Yardie Creek

16 minutes down the road from Oyster shack is Yardie Creek. This gorge is unique because it has water all year round in an environment of hot, dry heat. 

There are 2 walks you can do at Yardie creek depending on how much time you have.

The nature trail is 1.2km with a round trip time of 40ish minutes. This walk will give you beautiful views of the gorge and, hopefully, the ability to see some wildlife. 

The Yardie Creek gorge trail is 2km with a round trip time of an hour and a bit. But it is a much steeper walk. You will, however, be rewarded by beautiful views overlooking the gorge and a view of the Osprey Eagle nests.

Where to stay

As the Cape Range campsites were all full and we didn’t want to pay more in Exmouth, we decided to start driving back down. Unfortunately, without a 4WD means you have to go back on yourself. 

We decided to head to Yannarie, which is a 2 hour 50 minute journey. There we stopped at another free campsite called Burkett Road Rest Area. This stop is just a little pull in road off the highway. 

What I liked most about Burkett Road Rest Area is that it had 4g! During the whole roadtrip my phone had no service (do not choose Optus, choose Telstra instead). 

The stop had picnic benches, rubbish bins and drop toilets although I did not see them. 

Burkett road rest stop area

Day 5 – Perth to Exmouth Road Trip

  • Coral Bay
  • Eagle Bluff 

Coral Bay

Coral Bay is located 1 hour and 44 minutes from Burkett Road resting area, which makes the journey a little out of the way. In hindsight, it may have been best to skip this but I had heard good things and wanted to check it out. 

Coral Bay is a small beach town that is known for its coral gardens and its mantaray population. They have a 2km walkway that takes you along the Ningaloo reef, giving you the chance to spot marine life.The walk also takes you through a park with the opportunity to see kangaroos and emus.

Skeleton Beach

A 4 minute drive down the road will take you to skeleton beach. This beach is perfect for a morning swim. If you visit Skeleton beach between September to March, you will be able to see reef sharks as there is a sanctuary for them to breed. 


I recommend stopping for breakfast at Fin’s Cafe. They have an outdoor seating area and the food is good quality and well priced. A big breakfast costs $25 (£13). 

Big breakfast at fins cafe

Before leaving Coral Bay, opposite the Ampol Petrol station, there is a fresh water pump. You pay $1 and get 20L of water. As we only needed 10L plus 2 water bottles, we stopped at the tap and saw that there was a 50c credit for the next person. 

The distance from Coral Bay to Eagle Bluff is 5 hours 40 minutes, so it is another big driving day. We decided to do a big drive to allow us a full day in Monkey Mia and Shark Bay Area.

Staying at Eagle Bluff 

This Campsite was by far the prettiest. We stayed at Eagle Bluff campground that can be booked over the phone by Shark Bay discover and visitor centre, The cost for the camp ground/permit is $15 (£8) and can only be booked on the day you wish to camp. 

You are only allowed to stay 1 night. The telephone number is 08 9948 1590 and the website is located here.

To get to the campsite is a little tricky as the Sat Nav will say you have arrived and you come to a river. Tucked just before the end is a left turning which takes you up to the camp spots. 

The views from Eagle Bluff are incredible and you are parked inches from the beach, making it the perfect spot.

Day 6 – Perth to Exmouth Road trip 

  • Sunrise at Eaglebluff and Lookout Point 
  • Monkey Mia 
  • Shell beach 
  • Kalbarri 
  • Eagle Bluff 

I highly recommend waking up for sunrise, given how beautiful the location is. We opened the van doors and enjoyed the sunrise from the cosiness of our sleeping bags. 

We then drove 4 minutes down the road to Eagle Bluff lookout. This boardwalk stretches 400m and stretches over the cliffs, giving you a birdseye view of marine life down below. 

Monkey Mia 

30 minutes from Eagle Bluff lookout is Monkey Mia. 

Monkey Mia is known for its dolphin visitors that frequent the shorelines. This conservation park is a must visit on a WA road trip from Perth to Exmouth. 

While this is a tourist trap at $15 per person (£8), I thought it was worth it. 

Getting to see wild dolphins so close to the shoreline is a real treat. 

The conservationists do 3 feedings a day between 7.45am to 12pm. There you are allowed to put your feet in the water and watch the dolphins come in. They have a guide answering all your questions about the different pods and their behaviours. 

They do ask you not to swim with the dolphins or go into the water as the fish are at the shoreline and a dolphin could accidently knock you over when hunting for its lunch. 

She also reassured us that the 3 feeds are less than a quarter of what they need to consume every day, meaning that the dolphins don’t depend on the feeds but enjoy coming over and interacting. 

After the dolphin swam away, we visited the Boughshed restaurant and got a cup of tea and a piece of cake.

I had also been told that there was a shark nursery to the right of the jetty, but it was out of season (September to March). So I walked along to the end of the beach and had a pod of 4 dolphins swim beside me, which was pretty special. 

Shell beach 

45 minutes from Monkey Mia is Shell beach, and as the name suggests, the beach is covered in shells! 

When you first arrive on the beach it wont seem like much, but as you walk further down to the shoreline you will see piles and piles of shells. 

So why are there a lot of shells? 

Well, according to the information board, the sallinity of the water there is really high. It is almost twice as salty as the open ocean. Which allows the Fragum cockle to flourish. 

I highly recommend getting into the ocean while you are there as it is crystal clear and works great as a nature bath. 

Where to stay in Kalbarri

2 hours and 30 minutes from Shell beach is Kalbarri National Park. We decided to smash out the driving today to give us more time at the park tomorow,

We went to another free campsite called Galena Bridge Camp Area South. This ground was right on the waterfront and had drop toilets, picnic benches, dump points and rubbish bins. 

The facilities were in good shape and everyone seemed to have plenty of space.

sunrise at Galena Bridge south camp

Day 7 – Perth to Exmouth Roadtrip 

  • Kalbarri National Park 
  • Hutt Lagoon

Kalbarri National Park

Depending on which hike you want to do will determine the distance from the campground. We drove an hour from Galena to Natures Window and the loop track. 

The price for entry into the park is $15 (£8). Each hike entrance has a different way of paying. 

We went the incorrect way originally and had to do the honesty box method that gave you a piece of paper to put in your window. Or if you go on the main route, there is a machine where you can pay via card. 

When you park the van, you are instantly treated to epic views overlooking the Murchison River. 

Murchison River that runs through a gorge in Kalbarri National Park

Kalbarri National Park trails

Natures window is only 1km from the carpark and is pretty easy to get to. It took us 15 minutes to get to there and consisted of a little flight of stairs, an easy path down which was paved and then a little rocky path to the window. 

If this is all you are doing, then it will be a 30 – 45 minute round trip. The views are spectacular, so you don’t really need to go further into the gorge if you don’t want to. 

The loop trail is 9km (just under 6 miles). Allow yourself 3 -5 hours. The weather plays a huge part in how strenuous the track is.

We did it on a relatively cool day with a slight breeze. In the height of summer you will need to start your hike at 7am to avoid the temperatures rocketing to 50 degrees the further down the gorge you go. We went in June (2023) and started our hike at 9.30ish.

The welcome board said it was a tough and strenuous hike with steep climbs and rock hopping, but it was very easy and we ended up completing it in 3 and a half hours with a lunch break and picture/snack breaks. 

The paths are well sign posted and easy to walk along. Down by the river there is a section where you are holding onto the rocks and walking on a narrow rock face. However, this can be avoided as there is a path up on the top of the rocks. It just depends on how adventurous you are feeling.

Hutt Lagoon (Pink Lake)

As we did the walk quicker than we thought, we decided to drive an hour to Hutt Lagoon (a pink lake). 

On the drive down you will see the lake from the road and it is a strong baby pink. However, as we approached the viewpoint of the lake, the pink wasn’t as vibrant as we had earlier seen. 

So why is it pink? 

The colour is created from the presence of carotenoid-producing algae, Dunaliella salina, which is a source of beta-carotene; a food-colouring agent; and a source of Vitamin A. (This info is from the Australia Coral Coast website). 

Although we were a little disheartened, it was a really cool spot to see and have lunch/dinner. 

Staying in Dongara Tourist Park

2 hours from the Pink Lake is the town of Dongara. We decided to stay at its tourist park for $35, which was an unpowered site. The facilities were good, with lots of bathrooms and bbq areas. The kitchen was hard to find as it is sandwiched between 2 sets of ladies’ bathrooms.

Day 8 – Perth to Exmouth Roadtrip 

  • The Pinnacles 
  • Returning the Chubby Camper 

The Pinnacles 

2 hours from Dongara is The Pinnacles. This is one of the most visited sites outside of Perth. These natural limestone rocks were created over 25,000 years ago. 

The entry to The Pinnacles is $15 (£8) and can be seen on foot and via a viechle loop. 

There are loads of spaces to pull over and walk around the strange rock formations. We decided to do a mixture of driving and walking around the site. We also tried to follow an Emu but he was far too fast for us. 

The Pinnacles

Returning to the travellers Autobarn chubby camper

From the Pinnacles back to the Travellers Autobarn office is 2 hours and 30 minutes. You need to return the chubby camper by 3pm and have a full tank of petrol and a receipt from where you filled up last. 

You will receive a pre-check-out text that gives you the information about the fuel and also about refilling your gas bottle. It is good to note the gas part is for bigger campers and not the chubby ones. 

When you hand the keys back you fill out a little survey saying you are happy with your roadtrip and then you depart. 

We found the chubby camper really easy to drive and really comfortable to live in. 

We loved having the ease of a home on wheels and both me and Lewis now really want to buy vans and become vanlifers!

Frequently asked questions: 

Is it worth driving from Perth to Exmouth?

Absolutely! There is so much to see and do between Perth and Exmouth. If you have time, it is easy to break the journeys up. 

Where to stop between Perth and Exmouth? 

There are so many places to stop along the Perth to Exmouth route, like: The Pinnacles, Kalbarri, Jurien Bay, Shark bay, Coral Bay. 

Do you need a 4WD from Perth to Exmouth?

No, you do not need a 4WD from Perth to Exmouth. But if you do have one you are less restricted and can go off road, making some of the journeys quicker.

What is half way between Perth and Exmouth?

The Billabong Road House is between Perth and Exmouth, where I suggest filling up with petrol. 

Are the whale sharks still at Exmouth?

Whale Shark Season in Exmouth is between March and August. 

Final Thoughts 

In summary, the West Coast of Australia is absolutely incredible and still such a hidden gem. I personally prefer this landscape and scenery to the East Coast. Driving the Chubby camper from Travellers Autobarn was so much fun and was so convenient to park up and sleep in. I highly recommend recommend them as a campervan hire company and its well worth checking them out if you are planning a road trip in Australia, NZ, USA or Japan. 

As Always, Happy Exploring!

holding shells at shell beach

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